After establishing the business’ needs and its objectives, all of our training is then centered around the participant’s learning experience.

It’s critical for us that the bulk of the learning is facilitated through the learners doing and experiencing rather than listening and watching.

Our training style is often described as unique – especially as all our programmes are built using the principles of Impact, Engagement and Motivation. In essence, that means using thought provoking methods and facilitation (through activities and exercises) that inspire your teams to be creative and innovative in their approaches to solving business and personal issues.

Tailored Just for You

Working closely with you to understand your business needs and objectives, we can call upon an extensive toolkit of experience and knowledge to build and bespoke a programme that fits your business perfectly.

Like building a jigsaw, we’ll start by helping you to create the picture on the box, define the corners and establish the edges before filling the puzzle in with lots of magical pieces to build up the whole view.

Programme Design

We have extensive experience designing many courses for sales, customer service and management.

We can also provide expertise in areas such as Financial Services (automotive), Retail, Project Management and Social Media in order to develop more technical programmes.

We will always apply our very facilitative ethos to training design in order to put learners at the forefront of required objectives.

Course delivery

If you already have a suite of courses but need training resource to deliver it, we can often respond nimbly and effectively to assist.

With a good, disciplined and structured approach to preparation, we can be up to speed quickly in order to deliver your content.

Off the shelf courses

We occasionally run public courses (watch this website closely) or we can utilize our extensive library to bring you a pre-prepared programme.

Some examples of our training:

  • Modular sales development programme for an international, boutique bank.
  • “Come dine with me” kitchen based team build programme for a large insurance company.
  • Global Academy for a prestige car maker – redesign their entire curriculum.
  • Customer Focus programme for an international financial services organization – we designed the training for their team of trainers to deliver.
  • Leadership development programme for a leading High St retailer.
  • Team Commercial Awareness programme for a large Public Authority.
  • Introduction to Sales Wizardry
  • Present with Passion – Presentation and Speaking skills
  • Customer Journey Mapping workshop – Gain a better understanding of your customers
  • How to be Commercially Aware – and deliver exceptional customer service.

Measurement / Evaluation / Return on Investment

In this cost-conscious world, it’s vital that the training you put into your teams or business gets the results you require.

So, that’s where we start – by working with you to identify what that “good” set of outcomes looks like!

In addition, we will measure the participants’ immediate feedback, their short-term improvements from implementing the learning and the longer term, ultimate returns for the business, the team and the individual.