Our style and ethos in business is all around coaching.
Encouraging others to discover for themselves the conclusions, solutions or ideas they need in order to bring about the change they want.

Senior Executives

It really can be lonely at the top, and many senior execs tell us that to have an independent sounding board, someone to listen to their challenges without judgement or expectation is invaluable.

We help CEOs and Senior Execs to work on their impact and behaviours in a confidential and professional way to ensure that their presence lives up to their aspirations and the expectations of their organisation.


Quite often people find themselves thrust into positions of responsibility without much time or investment being put into their development.

We can help managers to overcome the nagging doubts, the inner fears or the blind-spot areas of weakness the can be holding them back or stifling their impact.

Teams and Individuals

Our extensive experiences have helped us to learn our own powerful lessons, so we apply this learning to our work with individuals to help them to understand and contextualise behaviours and to create and build on strategies to improve and grow.

Our Ethos

Our ethos to training is around programmes being facilitative, interactive and not just experiential, but with real business meaning and clear context.