When you do something out of kindness, appreciation or friendship – without agenda or a clear “what’s in it for me”, it’s often described as paying it forward.

I had an amazing day yesterday with a fellow Facilitator, Speaker and Business Transformation Specialist, which started off in a famous restaurant chain over breakfast (which he paid for), followed by a meeting with the chain’s Regional Director to discuss some Cafe Style Training for them (ironic I know) – where we’ll work together, but under my banner, ending up with an afternoon making a promo video for me, which my friend has offered to then edit! All of which was done with kindness and with no agenda.

Ironically, he introduced me to the concept of paying it forward and it’s spot on! In my work with a Council currently, we’re talking about Commercial Mind-sets, well being commercial doesn’t always have to mean money changes hands. This is a complete heresy to some sectors or businesses I know.

But, here’s the thing… My final comment to my friend yesterday, was exactly around his “paying it forward” because when the Restaurant gig comes off and the video helps generate even more work, and I need a  co-presenter / facilitator / associate to work with – who am I going to call first to help me deliver it?

So, here’s my public pledge to him – you know who you are – that you’re already significantly in credit, having paid it forward. (mind you – that bloody video better be good – LOL!)