Sometimes you may feel lonely and empty for some reason or the other. The loneliness and emptiness just gets to you. So, you wonder why this is happening. You distract yourself through friends, family, yoga, music, work or something else. Yet within you the loneliness and emptiness just gets to you.

Your thoughts, feelings and energy really focus deeply into this. You seek answers yet no conclusion is reached.  And at such a point you wonder is there any point living such a life? Is there any purpose to continue with such a life?

This is when some of us break away and get to the other side for a brighter, joyful and blissful life. And many of us still struggle. For some the journey for a better now is simply easy while for many this is not the case. Many of us are simply standing in front of that brick wall looking for a way to get to the other side.

On this journey we all take different paths and yet all of us want to reach to the same final destination. For some of us the journey is pleasurable however for some the journey is too arduous and exhausting. And when you are exhausted you start giving up hope, trust and faith. You feel all the energy from within you has been sucked out.  You start breaking down and every step you take just takes you to another dead end. Some of us just get up and move on.  And when you do this you are in the process of finding your way to the other side of the brick wall. It is these few who get up and keep moving on that somehow work out how to make their lives brighter, beautiful and joyful.

As you continue on this journey for many it seems still difficult and tough. You might say you need someone physically to be there with you for you to continue as the path is too lonely. In fact, you believe it is so lonely and tough that you just have no strength to move on from this point. You give up and get deeper into your dark side.

Your dream of having that brighter, beautiful and joyful life is paralysed by your fear.  Your fear of loneliness, emptiness, separation and anger for things not happening your way kills your dreams and aspirations. Your faith, trust and hope are crushed and you lack compassion. No longer are you that individual who was energized by those powerful loving dreams.

A number of us call this reality, that this is the way of the world. Is it really truly the way of the world???  Just because you have been crushed does it mean you follow the same path as others or do you get up and make that decision to make a change for yourself. For it is only when you make an abundant change for yourself you are able to attain a brighter, beautiful and joyful life.

Till the day you die you will remain in learning. You never stop learning about your life. Either you can take such scenarios as your learning or decide to box them as your failures, mistakes or even success. The choice is to embrace uncertainty. Yes, situations do occur where you are unable to have control over them. But you decided do you let these situations make you cruel, savage, brutal, severe, harsh, grim, unkind, heartless, unsympathetic, hellish, depraved, barbarous, pitiless, and un-compassionate or you rise above all this and simply become more compassionate and loving.

You have the great ability to be aware and realise your dark side. You have a strong force within you of becoming a vibration of negative energy or abundant positive energy. You have the power to embrace uncertainty with compassion and love.

(Thanks to Rohit Bassi for supplying this post).