My wife and I were in bits last night watching the programme about the struggles of the Bajau people of the South Seas. (Available on BBC2 iPlayer if you missed it).

What touched us most, was the plight of the little boy – Labo, about 11 years old, who cannot fit in to their life because of a serious and increasing disability. The presenter of the programme tried to assure the boy that in places like the UK, his disability would be embraced and not seen as a hinderance. So, when he left the village, it was heart-breaking for all of them. But, I guess, in some special way, the presenter had made a difference to that young lad!

So, it reminded me of the story of the boy on a beach in Jamaica where the sea washes up millions of Starfish every day. He diligently walks the beach and every so often stops to pick one up and throw it back into the sea. A passing tourist challenged him one day and asked “what possible difference he could make”. To which the boy paused, bent down to pick up another Starfish, threw it into the sea and replied “Well I made a difference to that one!”

How will you make a difference to someone today?

Stay shiny, and have a lovely day!