In one word – describe what you do?

I’m not asking for the blah, blah, blah elevator pitch, but for you to really think about what you do – and describe it in one word.

The notion of “one word equity” was brought to me this week in a chat with the great Andrew Thorp and since then my conversations, thinking and even my attendance at a networking breakfast today have had me channel my approach into the one word that’s right for me;


So, whether it’s in a corporate sales training programme (helping delegates to connect with their customers), a leadership programme (helping business leaders connect with their people), presenting and speaking courses and trainer training (helping people connect with their audiences), in coaching to smaller businesses (helping people connect with what they love doing) or in the less business oriented, more tenuously linked world of guests on my radio show (and getting them supporting each other) – the word “connection” really sums up what I do!

A while back I posted on being called a polymath – unsure of whether that was a good thing or not at the time! But, actually, it’s a really good label for using a lot of helicopter style, holistic view thinking to help people to connect, in whatever way is right for them.

That’s just my story – what I’m really interested in is yours! So, in one word – describe what you do?