I’m very rarely shocked or “gob-smacked” but I want to share with you, something that took me by surprise at an event last week.

I was supporting a great group that were teaching groups of young school kids about Astronomy. Of course in the main, the youngsters were engaged and excited as it was about planets, space etc etc.

But then it came to the Q&A and a sea of hands went up. Several questions came, but then one little lad said (and I quote) “I don’t have a question Sir, but I do have some facts” – well, delighted, the presenter engaged the boy and a presenter / audience member dialogue ensued. I’m guessing the boy was about 8 years old.

After fact one (which incidentally was spot on and did help the presenter to add value) a young teacher interrupted and said – (and again I quote)

“please don’t give facts, you can ONLY ask questions”

To which, the boy (and I observed) several other children, meakly lowered their hands and retreated from the conversation.

The teacher then muttered under her breath to another teacher, “he’ll give loads of facts and we’ll be here all day!”

I wonder if that little, studious, inquisitive and engaged little boy will have that comment in his head as his “inner voice” as he grows, or will it evolve into an “I’ll show ‘em”?

How much of this drives modern day corporate behaviour?

This is why we believe in making learning fun, engaging and a good place for everyone!